О компании



GGS SHOWROOM – the official representative of the Dutch and German brands of fashionable clothes of the medium and medium plus segment in the territory of Russia, the CIS and the Baltic States.

During 20 years of working experience in the fashion market, we have developed own strategy of business:

  • careful selection original on design and high-quality brands of men’s and women’s clothing,
  • their adaptation on the market of fashionable clothes of these countries,
  • active promotion of the brands in the market in general and in regions.

Today we re proud of a wide partner network of the companies, which are successfully realizing our brands!

All brands “GGS Showroom” are popular with buyers, because

  • have own recognizable company identity and devoted target audience,
  • accurately combined among themselves in a uniform portfolio.

We will help to make a right choice of brands, which will bring you to commercial success!

We debugged business processes of the company according to strict requirements of the modern market, therefore our indisputable advantages in the sphere of wholesale of fashionable clothes of steel:

  • formation of the order at exhibitions and in showroom taking into account realities of business of the partner,
  • exact coordination with factories of terms of deliveries,
  • timely delivery of goods to the customer by means of special division of “Amata Logistics”,
  • services in storage, import, export and the accompanying registration of all necessary documentation,
  • development of measures for adaptation of the existing partner’s business model to difficult modern conditions,
  • development of instructions on merchandising of goods in the conditions of the general recession of consumer interest.

Leaning on the wealth of experience in advance of brands, we are the reliable professional consultants for our partners and constantly we improve the service.

These qualities allow us to speak to our friends rightfully: “Our EXPERIENCE – YOUR SUCCESS!”



Showroom  «GGS TRADE» является официальным представителем голландских и немецких марок одежды на территории России, СНГ и стран Балтии

Мы хорошо знаем рынок и его возможности. Наши клиенты доверяют нам, и это является лучшим доказательством успеха.

Мы предлагаем широкий выбор брендов мужской и женской одежды, которые  хорошо известны покупателям.  У каждого из них есть свое лицо и сформировавшаяся целевая аудитория. Это  как прекрасные, коммерческие комби-коллекции, для бизнеса и отдыха рассчитанные на широкую целевую аудиторию, так  и эксклюзивные дизайнерские коллекции. 


GGS Trade Showroom | Ogorodniy proezd,5, Moscow,127254, Russia